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My mind is empty. Normally I would receive that as a blessing. Although..., perhaps I need to make a distinct between empty and tidy. Tidy is not necessarily empty, but empty is alway tidy?! Anyway, my inspiration has been washed away. And know that inspiration is the fuel to set me in motion and keep me going. I can state that my intrinsic ideals need to be fed with extrinsic inspiration. It's slipping out of my hands. It is not only of the arrival of Covid 19 what is getting me down. My notes pile up but don't cause it to turn into something tangible, something readable. It is a necessity for me to capture my "experience". I must stay conscious and aware of what I feel and do. It helps me to add my personal value to me being and acting Therefore, this post. There ar a few signs that have caused me to get behind my keyboard again. The fact that Andrea is writing again and even a post of hers has been translated and published . I have come to confront the conseque


I'm back in PE and starting my second tour of South Africa. Jannie has a room waitin for me where I can retreat when needed. This is going to give me a homely feeling and coziness. Upon return by Maranatha streetworkers trust, I was warmly welcomed by Hennie. The man who can do anything. Facility manager, IT manager, reception and a storyteller. Dr. Basson invited me to Nieu-Bethesda coming weekend. A location more than 300 km inland where Maranatha is also present. I accepted the invite with both hands. I cancelled all my appointments and work for this weekend. Mentally and practically, I hardly prepared anything. Took a look at google maps where Nieu-Bethesda is located and read Maranatha's website. Furthermore, I am very excited about what this unforeseeable outing is going to bring me. Packing my bag is done quickly. Toothbrush, tooth paste, clean underwear, 2 T-shirts 1 extra shorts. I'm wearing my hiking boots. I won't leave home without these. Friday 7 Febru


Schools are out! The beaches of Humewood and Summerstrand are flooded with partying and braaiende people celebrating their holidays. This will continue to the coming month. Holiday allowance has been paid and disappears into the drink and food bag. My work at Maranatha has stopped. The children, youngsters and also a number of adults are at home with their families. The temperature in PE already rises above 30 degrees. With a natural fan which is running almost every day. A strong cool south-east wind. January 2020 and summer holiday has arrived in South Africa. I will be in the Netherlands during my summer holiday. I guess I don't really understand the concept of summer holidays? I am going to meet embrace the warmth that is not subject to climatic changes. Family, family and friends. Looking for as many hugs and kisses as possible. Because as many beautiful people as I meet in PE, warm affection I find especially in the Netherlands. My home location is Rotterdam. At my brother


The year has passed by. I am not really able remembering the moments. there are just too many. I take a lot of notes, but if I don't take the time to write, my notes also become unclear. I especially miss the emotional charge in my notes. I noted music titles but I don't know why anymore. both sides now, Joni Mitchell. Can only guess that I felt melodramatic. I look back on the year 2019. Greece, refugee camp Athens and farmers in Lagonisi. My account blocked back to the Netherlands, Later bank card blocked. Now a small living and care community in PE. My thoughts wander even further back. Back to the moment "where I am at today", started to become a dream. I created a season greeting card based on that moment. I sent a few copies to those who don't know where I am at. Delighted by myself that I have not yet reached an aging age, I dare to be surprised by what happens to me every day. It is wonderful to experience and also to be aware of it. I am so happy that

Risks aversion

I still have a clear mind. The safety briefing and the do's and the dont's the first day after arriving in PE. Up to this day I am aware of the risks. It couldn't be otherwise because people point it out daily. They must have a reason for it doing so. Let's get a recap of the most important things I was told back then. A discouragement policy is maintained, about having sex with one of the locals. Do not go along with excessive alcohol use with the locals. You're going to be an easy victim. Go with other people as much as possible. Don't walk with luxury. Don't carry a backpack. When you think you're being followed, get into a restaurant or shop and call someone who can come and pick you up. Don't flash with your smartphone! Hiking or walking is not recommended and don't do it at all in the evening and nights. When in your car, the doors of the car should always be locked. Put valuables in the back trunk. Get cash withdrawals only inside and


While writing my previous article Habitat I had a sense of discomfort. By reading my notes and reliving my outings, I became aware that it must be in contrast with Maranatha. Thats my perception anyhow. I need to understand it IS someone elses house. A small community where a life is led. Where people work and live and they got there for a reason. The fact that people are at Maranatha is a result of their previous living situation which must not have been warm, good, safe and inspirational. What kind of feeling of living it evokes, for each individual it is reflected to what was once. It's obvious that that's different for everyone. So it could just be that it is a lovely house for the residents and a great living environment where to me it seems a bit poor. Anyway, as in all the other places I've been, also in Almere at Kwintes, I feel like I want to apologize for the rich life and the good living that I enjoy. That might be something I need to shake off. I let the


Independent living, host family and shared living spaces is my life as a volunteer since I am traveling. In Humewood, PE it's no different. The apartment is large and I'm well taken care of. This post is about my habitat. What makes living here a little different from the other places I've been to is that it's a house of this dutch. We speak the same language and that does create a "home" feeling. My first impressions (gained in 2 weeks) are just fine and what my hostess has extra, are the many ideas and initiatives she comes up with. Together she lets me discover a piece of South Africa. And there's no denying it, both can enjoy some food and a drink. That's more or less binding us. I mean, the first night in PE we were already sharing a fish platter. Every morning I open the curtains and have sideways view of the Indian Ocean. The location is great. Not only the Indian Ocean but looking down into the street, it shows a lot of amazing images. It ma