In 2013 I was part of a customer excellence program, just google and you get an idea what it means. It mainly has to do with process optimization, lean, efficiency spend your time well. This program left me 2 words I can’t forget, waste and amazement. In some way these words are like the basic ingredients of my experiences.

Not only here in Bali but throughout my whole sabbatical. When thinking about time, I dare to say there is no such thing as waste.

Lets take a step back, I wrote earlier that we had chartered a guide for two days, And not even a surprise it became a cousin of the one we had hired.

Surprised? not really! Of course there was this negotiation about the price and the expectations. I find this process annoying because I just want to let myself be carried away instead of being limited by expectations.

But, Kadek is a gift from heaven. Sure, I wanted to see the points of interest but especially I want to feel and experience those places that actually say something about the people there. Kadek has accepted that freedom and invitation with both hands.

It is mainly the conversations we have had with the three of us who gave a better picture of life in Bali.

I’m not sure if the tourists or the Balinese boast the art in Bali. Wood and stone carving, painting and much more. We have been to a small stonemason where I think nobody comes. It’s one of many. Asking why demons, elephants, monkeys are often shown. Mostly it are images related to Hinduism. I also wonder why such a large quantity in supply of images. It’s not that tourist easily packed it in a suitcase?!

After this small outing we went to a dance performance which is about every fairy tale, about good and bad, demons and righteous people.

We have seen the rice fields and shot beautiful pictures. We also enjoyed lunch with the three of us. We got more and more information about Kadek’s life, the lives of children and how he experiences his faith.

I also believe that I have seen my mother. Seems like Indonesian grandmother’s grandfathers all look the same and my mother could be one of them. Only now do I realize that part of my background lies in Indonesia!

Slowly but surely I recognize Indonesian words that I have heard in my toddler, nursery and children’s years. Amazement everywhere for me so. Naturally we have seen the temple in ta-nah lot. Built on cliffs which are separated from the mainland at high tide.

A very long day ended in a traffic jam! The three of us were silent purely by fatigue and Kadek still had to keep his concentration in the dark.

I was thinking about the number of scooters, never seen so much