And its good

We have been able to leave NZ behind us in a very nice way. A very nice evening spent with the guest family. I think that’s the beauty of B&B’s. Something permanent has arisen with Ranjan and Marin. We stood still at beautiful moments, wishes and dreams. Teaching opportunities for Andrea and the possibilities that lie ahead. Ranjan is my age and he also thinks about what next. That creates a connection. We have eaten delicious, very tasty prawns. Great, cozy and warm 🙂

I wonder (and I do that often) whether I have met New Zealanders, people of Sri-lanka or world citizens. What I do experience, is that as an individual they are very warm, frank, listening, sharing. Hm, maybe I just have to stop putting people in boxes.

In the afternoon I had a lovely walk 18 km from Hillsborough bay, to Mount Eden, a piece of center, Cornwall park and back. Enjoyed being alone, looking around, seen a Maori family who were playing in the park with all their family playing rugby. These are also the moments that I cherish for myself. Safe and again me myself and i. I still like that.

Goodbye new Zealand.

For Andrea it is already fixed, she comes back again. Because 4 weeks New Zealand is just too short. And she already has a place to stay. For myself? I still have so much to meet. Hope that the time is given to me. Bye NZ!