At worlds end

With the writing of this post, I am not really sure about the title yet. My mind is working overtime and seems like a void at the same time. I try to express how I can describe the emptiness that arises in my head, the bulging of the earth, the horizon. So At worlds end.

The trip from Bali to Christchurch went well. Andrea had a different flight than me. We were a little early at the airport of Denpasar, so a long wait ahead. At 5:45 pm at the airport and I finally flew (with a delay) at 24:00.

I was a little worried about my luggage. Different flight numbers and airlines, hoping that goes well. But both Andrea and I did not suffer from lost luggage. There was a red sticker on my backpack with priority on it. Due to the delay, I had to hurry a bit at Sydney. I only had one hour left to find out where to go, to check in again and so on. Meanwhile, had some contact with Andrea through hangout (I am a google fan)

I had prepared myself for a thorough long custom checks, but everything went ok. Had to show my walking shoes. Both Australia and New Zealand are very protective against unintentional import of “remains” of flora and fauna from other countries.

At 17:00 we arrived in new Brighton, 106 bower ave, at Hannah and Kory. A warm welcome, and the first signs of “lay back” were already there. Finally a house instead of a hotel or apartment complex. This is the nice thing about b & b locations. After a shower we were dropped off at a restaurant.

Hmm this is different than Bali. Seems a bit American think large plates and a pile of food(read meat). I was just used to the good little snacks on Bali! Later a walk of 45 minutes back.

The bed is too soft for me, but both fell asleep like a log. Tomorrow we will make a plan on how we want to travel through new Zealand.