Queens town, as the Kiwi’s like to say, the outdoor center of the world. There is a lot of nature to see in the area. And different ways to experience it. As a 50+ I would like to see the whole thing on foot. Taking time to be one. Walking along the fast-flowing creeks, climbing and clambering, taking breaks and absorbing everything that this beautiful nature offers, walking into it. Experience a wondering or amazing feeling. Getting overwhelmed like I was during my hike at mount John, breathtaking.

However, almost everything here is focused on thrill seeking, adrenaline-raising, heart-failing, brain-sucking, blood-curdling and trouser-peeing pursuits. Outdoor adventures are offered like skydiving, mountain biking, boating, rafting, bodyboarding. And actually this way of experiencing is also me. Activities that have to do with rough, bold, awesome, kick and breathtaking.

Writing this I noticed the literally an figuratively meaning of breathtaking. Andrea and I chose to do canyoning.

Okay, it is not something like try before I die, it does not show the colored underpants or the adrenaline rush you have with bungy jumping, but it does give you an increased tension and you are very near into mothers nature.

It also requires some perseverance and you will have to shift your own boundaries a bit. Later it turned out that back is not an option.

A sense of survival of the fittest came over me. Being in a jungle. Beautiful flora, sadly the fauna is not always visible. Water violence, rocks, massive. It turns out again that I am really a water person. Of course the trip was about the Tarzan wannabe experience. Ziplining through the forest, abseiling, jumping, walking, climbing, swimming, sliding, letting go, falling and moments of “I am chicken” situations. I have done it all and have discovered myself again.

The thing to do before you die is doing a Fergburger. It is the attraction in queens town. A completely different kind of thrill seeking. Raising cholesterol, arteries silting up, weight increases, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.It sounds ridiculous, waiting in line for more then 20 minutes to get this thing. This majestic burger! I also became part of the herd and went in line. Yes, Burgerking and Macdonalds you lose this battle.

Tomorrow we will leave for Frans Jozef. There is a beautiful glacier waiting. I once done a glacier on foot in Norway, overwhelming serenity and a huge mass of ice. This glacier I will do different.