Travel to work like being in a bubble. As when I was a baby, I am always on the move from A to B. Whether it’s as a baby crawling, going to school, on vacation or to work. A friend recently used the word “bubble” in a chat we had, and now I think of it, Moving or commute is also done in a sort of bubble. My own world! Secluded from what’s around me.

During my professional career I almost daily got stuck in traffic jams, tuned in at Radio 3FM. slowly moving forward. Somewhere in the corner of my eye I see lane switchers, hoping to make progress. Parking challenges once upon arrival. And especially I do not want to walk to far from the parkingspace to the office. Every day I do this with my mind in a bubble.

The last 2 years at Kwintes.nl I took my bicycle. 20 minutes along the Canal, a wannabe Castle what was build as a ruin from the start of the construction? “weerwater” and the green in Almere. While cycling, mentally preparing for my classes. And again, the bubble and what a luxury once again!

Here in Athens I started to walk to work. 5.5 kilometers and also back again. Energizing for me, it’s like charging my inner battery. Time to think about the clothing store, the workshop, Arts and craft.

Do I get as usual in my bubble? NOT SO!

In previous posts I already hinted that Athens is too crowded too busy. (At least for me). Narrow streets, high buildings, stench, dirt, graffiti on every piece of wall. I don’t suffer from claustrophobia, but here I would spontaneously do so.

Sidewalks that are pretty uneven, sewer lids which are loose. Sometimes holes covered with a tile so that you won’t fall into it. Now you will only trip. Cars, motorbikes parked on the sidewalk.

The traffic lights that have a function as party lights and offers little regulatory functions.

As a pedestrian, I feel like wild life that can be shot each moment due to open hunting season.

You do not know where and when you can and should cross. Cars run up at the pedestrian crossing at red light while I am crossing. Parking at the corners so you don’t see traffic coming. Anything with a engine just don’t let you pass when they should. I am in short of eyes.

I am not able to be in my bubble.