What do I do with my last free weekend in a country like Fiji. Stay at home! Taking the rest I think I need and more specifically update my weblog. Revive my past week, what have I seen, what have I been through and what I feel.

I still have 4 working days to go. A lot of time needed with collecting coloring pages. It turns out to be quite a bit of work and patience. I have the use of a whopping highspeed 4mb internet connection which I have to share with about 15 people. So really patience is required. Also the PC does not really cooperate. I have 12 hours left to finish this work so Busy.

These 4 months feels a bit like dating for me! In a very short period of time, I try to get to know someone, try to have a sort of assurance the we fit together, and thus determine whether there is a chance for a shared future. I am not talking about an other person but about a culture and a country.

I see warm people, smiling faces, asking eyes, the Fijian look, young volunteers, the photos on Facebook, my host parents, the neighborhood and its residents, the recognition, the simplicity, survival, life, a Frenchman who teaches English and gives rugby training! Hospitality, waste, dogs, bedbugs.

I know what this trip has brought me, “the inspiration to inspire!” I have learned to look around me, to look beyond the paths! When filling in a debriefing questionnaire from PA, the question is asked whether you want to work part-time or full-time. I have indicated that I am definitely interested in working for PA either in the Netherlands or abroad.

This week we had a photo shoot at projects abroad because we had some school supplies, educational tools, handballs and beachballs to give. We thought about giving it to the school, but it appears that they have enough material, and actually have enough financial resources to do / purchase things. Projects abroad will distribute the items, giving to the schools where there is a greater shortage of equipment / resources.

I went to bula chino on Saturday night. I wanted treat myself to hot chicken wings and French fries. Under the assumption that all volunteers were on the road that weekend, I was pleasantly surprised when I ran into a few of volunteers. Cozy with the 5 of u we had a nice diner and beer.

It has been an eye-opener to me that there are young people who are consciously busy discovering the world and themselves. Very inspiring. But of course also stories about Fijian boys and girls! I also briefly told my story about why I am in Fiji.

Meanwhile the soccer world championship has started and for me it is the first time in 3 months that I really sat down for the TV. Not because I am a soccer fan, but seeing something I recognize would be nice. About the result Spain – Netherlands, the only thing is that it was a match that was more fun to watch than the final 4 years ago. Mrs. Sing wear something with orange for the occasion. I believe that was more of a coincidence.