Cold feet

I drove through Amsterdam, Utrecht, Brussels, Liège, but always on the right. For the first time I have to drive on the left. I had to learn the rules quickly especially priority rules and learn about the roundabouts. We were leaving Christchurch, what a tension. As we left this city, we paid close attention to the damage caused by the earthquake. Also large areas of undeveloped land. It is really a sad and depressing sight.

It is hard te believe knowing that new Zealand is a prosperous country it still shows us an unfinished and undeveloped land. Of course it has to do with the enormous amount of damage that has been suffered. I understand it costs time to rebuild it all. I learned that it is not always insurance work. Sometimes people have to pay the rebuilds out of their own pocket because they were not insured. They might choose to go elsewhere to start again and leave the damage for what it is.

Meanwhile, in our camper, I also said goodbye to the feeling of being at the end of the world, not going any further, inner peace and reading the book three laws of performance.

The book seems to be a bit parallel with my journey and my thoughts and feelings during the various locations where I have been.

I get closer to the feeling of and the need to make the changes. Change how the book describes my “default future”.

After a wonderful drive with our woody (Andrea wanted to give our camper a name) we arrived in lake Tekapo, a beautiful location at the mountains. It is peaceful here. A nice place to stay.

Tomorrow we are going to scour the environment here. In the distance on the other side of the lake, we see the mountains with eternal snow. Just like 2 years ago in Norway and last year in Sardinia, I got into a different world.

Just looked at the starry sky with Andrea. What a blackness with lights. such a void but also warmth as a kind of blanket. You can see the mists between the stars. What a dark – light spectacle. Now I immediately realize our planet is a tiny place.

In the morning I went for a hike to the top of mount John (lake Tekapo). Occasionally a tough climb through the forest. A wonderful walk all alone. Not knowing how long the climb will take, where the summit is. Once on top I enjoyed my thoughts being on top of the world.

We are camping for a few weeks and we also take time to swim, in a glacier lake. Brr that’s cold, really cold. I don’t think I was thinking clearly swimming in this water. Luckily we went also to nearby hot springs to warm up.

You can not do much more than walking, swimming and looking at the stars. but more than enough for me. I came to rest, full stop.