It is a very inspiring time here in Fiji. Despite the energy-consuming school where I work, I love to go to work. Energizing yes to organize so many children to a cozy unity where you can do nice kindergarten activities, is not that easy. The children are very busy and the environment is busy too. Parents who constantly walk in. And us teachers, do not always work well together. And this requires energy!

When Andrea finally has the time to work somewhere with a group of children, one of the other teachers is going to play with children at the same place. That in turn leads to a huge diversion for the children. The class suddenly got all kinds of corners.

What a great idea. But the fact that Andrea has to remove cleaning products from the play kitchen shows how good or bad things have been thought about and communicated with the other teachers, or with us.

It always remains surprising how the lessons take place. Sometimes that leads to “school-TV” sessions in the afternoon. A DVD and the children for the TV and rest!

I believe that there is an educational purpose for the children, but I mainly experience it as a moment of rest for the teachers. After some preparation Andrea and I are able to start the day with singing, religion, prayer and conversation about theme and the weather.

Instead of shouting teacher when the children want to say something, they raise their hands. Finally a good way to protect my ears. Also bringing a child to do the forecast of the weather is a great success!

Just 2 weeks more and then we leave Fiji. My stay here should help to point to a new direction AND to take it for the next 15 years! I see that there is plenty to do and I want to commit to it. Not only here, but actually everywhere on this blue ball.

The elections are at the door here in Fiji. The step from Junta to democracy is a huge change.

Thinking of my own journey, changing my future, I go back to the book I have read, 3 laws of performance, my source of inspiration, for change. Maybe the new leaders also read the book.

Yes two weeks and so much to do! It is precisely this shortage of time that gives me feel like it’s a countdown! Countdown, because I am putting the pressure on myself to finish the things that I have intended. Because I think the result is a constructive contribution to the community, the school, the teachers and the children.

The coloring pages are ready for the current term. Meaning the school can use a coloring page every day and copy it with the right lesson of the day. Now the next term to further develop, print and binding. The computer at school will still be a challenge to fix and connect to the internet.

For this project I have to pass the school committee which is under the administration of the church. Making an appointment with Fijian is a challenge in itself. The network there consists of USB sticks.

Making the evacuation plan, readable and usable for the children, is something that has to come to an end this week.

But also countdown means thinking of home. Missing a hot shower and sufficient water pressure. opening your own fridge and being able to get fresh milk. I have therefore treated myself to Dutch apple pie!

Once a month we have a dirty day or a community project as you will. This time all volunteers went to Drabatu to plant vegetables and fruit trees. Under the hot sun, leveling, plowing, digging, and planting. The ground is dry, tough and hard! Finally

I have had my physical exercise, which my body and mind asked for. I walk quite a bit, but that is not the effort I need to stay in shape. But today I have had a clean proper workout.

And then the mystery of Fiji, the Fijian look! The phenomenon I tried to capture! The look is a “confirmation”, “denial” or “I have no idea what you’re talking about” look. So it can be anything. I’ve tried to capture it in a video. Retrieving the eyebrows and lifting the head slightly.

A look that is given when you ask, or explain something.

This weekend everyone is gone again. Celebrating at one of the white islands of Fiji. I stayed at home. I have finally been able to book the first stay in New York. Just. Find 1 more stay in New York and then I have finished planning / preparing a 4-month trip.