Opinions, discussions, British parliament, freedom of speech , behavior or values. As if I am vanished from the the face of the Earth, I’m not always aware of what happens beyond national borders. In this case Greece borders

Yes I browse almost daily on nu.nl but I am so focused on local issues and with my involvement I forget that there is news elsewhere.

With my sister Marilyn and José I have these news whisperer’s. Current events where I should pay more attention to, because it’s possible it closer to my home that I would like?!

Woken up by the attacks in Christchurch and in particular Utrecht and. At the time of being aware of the news, I didn’t realized the impact then. Naturally it was a terrible situation but it had no personal concern. At the 8 o’clock news I sat down and I learned that the attach has taken place right in front the home of Andrea. Realizing that it felt suddenly like a horror story. Again it is one, but so close to your own makes it worse. The “what if” scenarios made me scared and angry.

The next morning I dare to read a few discussions and opinions. It wasn’t about the attack but about, mud slinging between the ones who had comments on the happening. When people do not agree the tend to put others down, calling names, whishing they shouldn’t live here, rather than talk about it in a constructive manner. They completely missed the point. After a few comments I closed the site, and went back to another reality on another place.

Sometimes meetings and events are not a coincidence they happen. There seems to be a link between both, a sort of causality. A meeting can be like a preparation for an upcoming event while you don’t even know it wil happen. Take a look at the following events and perhaps you think as me “it was bound to happen” or “It had to be so”

It seems that I am accessible for a few refugees. They are in a different way curious about me as a person. Maybe that has to do with my age, a different kind of energy, ease, possible wise due to my gray hair? I do not know. Anyway a few conversations were bout life, their life’s. The sorrow and the horror, how they got here in Athens. Somehow the trust, respect and a kind of safeness took over. Sharing that isn’t that easy. Or perhaps that is an western thing. Perhaps this sharing has to do with the fact that we listen, and not necessarily have answers. It’s more trying to comprehend what has been said. Understand the significance.

I spoke with 3 different men who as it turns out could well use psychological care. I realize it’s very difficult for these men to acknowledge this. I think of a period in which I needed mental care. I had to ruin more or less my family before I made some steps.

A few days later during the week meeting, there was this suggestion that new energy has to be put into a men’s discussion group. For a variety of reasons this seems to be important. I have offered to make a (jump)start here. My mind already had a plan. Suggestions were given by the ladies of the women’s discussion group and as such are also recorded. However, not all, will be included as topics, and some issues will need to be provided prudent and at a right time.

For some topics, a priority other than that the volunteer group has in mind, will be maintained. Top priority should be respect and attitude towards women. Due to the gravity of this specific subject, I think that no volunteer can do anything about it at the moment. Simply because of a lack of experience, wisdom, respect, acceptance and reverence. There is little to no ability to lead conversations / discussions whereby the goal must also be to have one’s own behavior / attitude adjusted.

Therefore first an environment of respect, trust and equality has to be created in which basic rules of conduct and respect can be observed during discussions. I see little salvation in discussions such as at the British Parliament. Also, nobody is waiting for social media-like discussions, with a lot pointing an blaming to the other participants instead of sticking to the topic.

To get this playing field, the space together, I will introduce a choose2improve project and use the lesson plan I used for kwintes.nl. Unfortunately, I no longer have the sessions in my archive and will therefore have to develop everything again. I am convinced that this set-up of men’s discussion group can make some contribution also to those who have a need for help.

With this writing, the first session has already passed. We opened with a short video. Curious about what others would see, interpret, and also make that public to the group. I finally concluded that on a path from A to B there are always obstacles which must be overcome.

This session we dealt with an in-depth introduction of ourselves.

As a follow up an attempt was made to find out how each of those introductions were experienced.

With the introduction, a few were actually faced with a number of challenges. With Zach as one of the volunteers we had a real actor in our ranks, he gave a smashing Pitch about him himself!

Also watched a video about sharing. One of my favorites. It came from a TV2 Danmark advertisement. It shows the themes that we have set for the coming period for the Men’s discussion group. Each of us also provide a summary after this video.

This first session was received with enthusiasm. Residents also indicated that it contributes to their well-being. The volunteers were also impressed how it went. Afterwards I was told that four of the men from the camp had a reputation. And one of them has also been involved in cases for which he was arrested earlier. The volunteers were pleasantly surprised that it was these men who actively participated in this session.