eNd Zone

Does everyone have that? The closer you get to the new destination, the quicker you want to leave the where you at. Is it a question of I’ve seen it all? It does not seems to me. I would love to start with what this 4 months is all about. Working, being part of a community, feeling, meaning. That foundation explains once again for my direction that I want to go.

NZ has come to an end. Today we went to see a rugby match of the blues, going for a hike tomorrow, and dinner with our hosts. Sunday, a resting day. There is no better moment than now to write my impression of NZ. Woody is back with his owner, he has done a great job and brought to the most beautiful places in NZ.

The last day with woody we celebrated on the beach. Waihi beach, very relaxed at our convenience, on arrival we first dived into the sea with wetsuit and bodyboard. In evening a special offer of the day at a cozy beach restaurant.

Seen two different islands. I compare the South Island with Scandinavia. Sparsely populated, lots of natural beauty in all kinds of forms. A place to forget everything, to get lost, to rest and to cleanse.

Christchurch is the reference framework to be aware and stand still at so many beautiful things. See, the power of mother nature and its consequences, and at the same time gentle nature of her.

The North Island is different. landscapes are different, a mix of natural violence and cultivated. It is not so high, it is not so steep, but exhausting though when you go walking. Similar to the Ardennes area towards the Moselle in Germany. The natural violence can be seen through the volcanic area. Steam, heat, a different color palette than we are used to.

If I could indicate something of highlights, or moments that left an impression on me during this part of my journey, then they are Christchurch, canyoning, wai o tapu and the rawhiti caves.

I, tried to sniff something of culture, focused on the native New Zealander, the Maori, but came out deceived. Yes, I have been given something, but I see it more as a convulsive retention of their customs, rituals and language. And actually that is sad. I can not suppress my thinking that this country is oppressing its native population.

I also met the “modern” New Zealander. All living here in NZ for more than 15 years. Enlightened conversations. About the native population and their oppression. I spoke to a South African (a psychiatrist) he feared for apartheid-like situations that are likely to arise.

The migrants looking for a place where they can lead their lives. More or less a modern individual colonization. Far away from the western world.

In fact, they all indicate that they are being overtaken by the life they left behind earlier. That makes you think? It gives my search extra input and inspiration. As souvenirs I have found a number of things for myself, given like,

  • I have read the book and see that you can write your own future.
  • I have seen the film The Croods and saw how you can approach your own rewritten future.
  • I listened to “I’m not afraid” and feel I can change my own future.

I know where I can get my inspiration from. A different kind of souvenir than you might expect.