Gooseberry season

Gooseberry season. This post is about between two jobs in 4 weeks. So gooseberry season. I chose this title because I don’t expect much news. It is a bit like sitting in a waiting room. A little musing about what was and what could come. Here and there some stress moments caused by faltering of my analytical ability. These weeks I may not be so much wiser, or think or grow differently. However, how unexpected it can be!

Peronal growth, my mission for the next 10 years. With this writing I realize that I have been away for 4 months already. In 2014 I was back in the Netherlands after 4 months. At the moment I don’t have a daily activity and I miss it. I often think of the Netherlands and look at the recently taken pictures. And in the process, I also go back in time to 2017 and 2018. Due to have nothing to do I need to figure out what to do wit my spare time as quickly as possible.

I have had my measurements taken, because I am becoming a model. July 23 I am on the catwalk. Exposing myself, clothing I mean. Measurements is done with a tape measure, but I am also used on site as a mannequin. All kinds of fabric garments, patches are removed from the racks and draped, punctured and glued around me. Pants off pants on, shirt off, patch on, hat on and accessories on. In fact, my clothing outfit was designed at the same time. I stand there somewhere in a basement, half naked like a fashion model.

I am searching for a few days on the internet, for islands where I would find enough green, that are big enough to be able to cycle some serious distance and where there are plenty of walking possibilities. I got more and more excited to celebrate an old-fashioned vacation ๐Ÿ™‚ Corfu, Crete, Skyathos and Skopelos are the possibilities.

However, the destination has unexpectedly changed. With some faults while reinstalling my phone and the apps I need, I managed to block my bank account. Tancodes have not been received while they were sent to my old phonenumber which I canceled. An activation code is being sent to my postal address as I understood from ING, which means that I have to wait 2 business days! Andrea can then app the code to me on receipt.

NOT so! I Misunderstood. Just a message that an activation code can be retrieved at an ING branch in Utrecht. Debit card and passport needed! So I need to go to Utrecht to pick my activation code. Meanwhile I am unable to do some banking. So my intended trip to an island changed to the country which I call my home anyway. And to be honest I am really looking forward to it. So plan again, book flights, arrange some places to stay and soon my days in the Netherlands were fully booked again.

The whole week has been a highlight. Being able to help with moving, a sauna outing, dinner parties. Simply wonderful. In particular me being with my children. Together with David and Marjolein experiencing beautiful Amersfoort. Watched how David is training. Good conversations, nice walks through the city, sit along the canal and eat spareribs as I think I can only do with David ๐Ÿ™‚ I also stayed in a lovely family hotel.

I shopped with Andrea (hema) had a beautiful lunch in Utrecht. Andrea went with her wheelchair so that we could take the time for each other. We have enjoyed top time, exchanged a lot of thoughts and feelings. I felt very grateful that I could also be just her dad. I have been able to give care to her. I relived my feelings of 27 years ago when I was pushing her in a baby car and talking to her. Later that day I shared delicious food together with her and Wouter. If there is such a thing, I have experienced the best warm sincere joyful family feeling.After returning from the Netherlands I was up for a second graffiti tour. We have ignored Excharia, the revolutionary neighborhood, and more focused on street art in the Psiri and Thission areas. Seen beautiful pieces. We ended the tour with a pasta meal at Victoria Square, close to home accompanied by a good conversation. I went looking for the chestpiece which was made months ago from my chestparty. I ended up at the exhibition “to construct a gender”. Besides seeing my chestpiece, there were quite a few distinct other projects to see. Very special, and maybe a little shocking ๐Ÿ˜‰

Coming closer to the departure to Lagonissi, I enjoyed another meal at home with a number of volunteers from camp Eleonas. I also made Japanese-flavored noodles fried in sesame oil ๐Ÿ˜‰ and gado gado with my patented sauce ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was received well! I shared my last supper with Florent (France) and Evan (America). We have had a delicious meal in an Indian restaurant. My stay in Athens has come to an end. I have come across myself several times. I’m going farming now!

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