Isa lei

Can it be described? I do not know if the pictures say more than 1000 words. I assume a lot of people probably experienced a warm feeling in their life’s at a certain moment. The birth of a child, love, a beautiful memory. I know I have and fortunately I am lucky enough to get my heart filled with a warm sweet taste even today! Thus good vibes at the goodbye I had at school. A huge dose of warmth, affection.

It was already during my work and being part of this community, but at a moment of departure, it is mentioned again.

Put in words by Mrs. Fuata. Sung by Miss Donu and all the mothers and Buna? I think she has fled. The community invited us to be part of their being! The days before, we worked hard to finish the worksheets. We did finished it and was successfully accepted by the school. The procedures for safety during evacuation sealed and delivered! I left the PC and the network for what it is, I couldn’t finished it. I did deliver a new project for future volunteers at Projects abroad. “Computer maintenance”. There are enough volunteers who can do something with this.

Andrea and I have decided to go through this day as a normal working day. Although, we were expecting that there would be a festive moment because the children rehearsed a song as a farewell present.

Projects abroad was there to report and photos. Andrea would do some observations which is especially interesting for projects abroad. It all went differently.

No daily program after devotion time. 65 children running around and needed to be kept busy. Mothers and fathers who were going to move everything around. Food appeared, refreshments were brought in. In the meantime, andrea and I were walking around in a little dazed. Again a moment of Fiji approach.

Then the children were divided into groups and we had to prepare an activity for the libraries week with the children. The week theme started in 3 weeks. It is clear that Andrea and I would have left by then. We practiced the song smile awhile.

We were asked in and the official moment was there. The children were asked at the table, the snacks, food were served with drinks. We said our prayers and had our meal. Mrs. Fuata gave a speech in which there were many tears. After getting a Salu, gifts were given and more tears appeared.

Me too had my moment. I had the honor to get the children quiet and focused again. I do have a loud voice. Andrea then took the floor on our behalf (there were also two local trainees leaving).

A gift was given to Mrs. Donu the headteacher. A beautiful picture of all teachers together in front of the school and church. With of course, a text on the back. It was time for the children to send home. But before that happened we were honored with the Fijian farewell song Isa lei. A moment of peace and quiet, and trying to hold up our tears. After the children left we ate a bit more.

Another funny moment was the feeling of being a well-known Fijian! Everyone had to take pictures of their children with andrea and me. A special feeling, a special time at school done beautiful things. Being part of such a community, culture .. I am happy that I found it, it exists, here in Fiji!

Wednesday we went out to dinner with Mr and Mrs. Singh. At Bulaccino. Every day I went here for a cup of coffee or iced chocolate. Occasionally a pastry. Our hosts parents have never been there. They live 4 minutes away from here.

What a beautiful evening it was. Finally we ate with the four of us, that normally does not happen. Is a culture thing for Hindi. They first serve guests their food and then eat themselves. Now we could sit together at the table. Very warm and cozy. They also found the food delicious. A lot of Fijian food, no curries also for them it was a change of food.

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Friday, we had our debriefing at project abroad. We got to hear that we have done very good constructive work. They are going to develop a new program for schools that has something to do with ICT. Andrea’s work at school will be named and will be included in the care program. New volunteers will receive a specific job description.

The Namaka methodist kindergarten will also serve as a pilot to monitor the development of children. They will be followed by projects abroad and the department of education.

For my own search? I found confirmation. There is something that you can contribute to. Something that is meaningful. It will be a bright future. I have a word for Fiji as a final remark. A word that applies in all its meanings. Warm.

Vinaka Fiji