Left behind

A hotel room in Almere 8:30 in the evening on Sunday. I lie on my belly on bed with the laptop infront. Thinking about what I have left behind. I have left Greece.

Working and living in Greece has a very different impact than a 2 week holiday in Greece. I have merged into Greece to meet the culture and I have been a part of it for a short period. Seemingly I am very northern European so I have been told by a few greek. That is something that Greeks distinguish.

I have had done my best to be able to adopt the rhythm of life, to learn to understand the Greek and to feel what they are feeling and going through.

The expected pride of the greek people which has been sketched throughout history in myths and legends is not really experienced by me. Seeing a kind of defeat, it feels like they can no longer get up after falling. However, the Greek has this sense of pride about their language. It almost seems like a national pride. I have to tell myself though, that this is my perception. Whether my perception is a reflection of the truth or fact, I leave that up those who are qualified to say so.

My life is characterized by the many beginnings and endings I have had. Start over again and making things my own and then leave thing behind again. I have been changing and choosing for change nearly all my life. I may even be quite handy in it. Listening to the words I use that question arises as to whether my life is superficial. Or is it truly growing. Something to philosophate about with my Greek friends.

I am aware of a displaced feeling being back in the Netherlands. No own place, with backpack back and forth from hotel to friends, family and children. In the time between occupied with finding a new place to stay and a new place to work. Luckily I also find the time to remember and cherish what I’ve left behind in Greece.

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