Myths and legends

My stay between myths and legends. The Acropolis just steps away. About 4 km. When I think of Athens and Greece, i picture myths and legends. Will I experience them for the coming 4 months? Are the ruins start to live again? Or will it be covered by the daily the Greece life of 2019. For now, i couldn’t care less. It’d been 2 tiring days at the time of writing this post. I was not really aware of the fact that I’m in Athens. I have only vague impressions.

Saturday the 16th, my travel day went smooth. The comfort in the train, luggage dropped quickly, found out which gate and a snack, then pass customs. Oh?! It seems I was in the row for international flights. It took 30 minutes before I realised. The official could tell that I was at the wrong floor! I finally have new glasses and I still read it wrong! Eventually ended up at the proper gate! No one in the plane right next to me so I had enough space for my legs:-). With this unexpected space, the flight went fine. I came in the dark (21:00) and after picked up my backpack, I met Ana in the arrivals hall.

A Greek volunteer my age. She would bring me to the apartment and told me how the things are working. The public transport and the work itself! We went by public transportation to the apartment which took some time. EFI the landlady waited for me at the apartment to welcome me. Ana left for home and I would see her again Monday in the camp. EFI and I went to sign the contract and she showed me the apartment. 23:45 it was all done.

Alone and tired, I have done my teeth and a splash of water thrown in my face and of to bed. The journey between Athens airport and the apartment went in a blur, didn’t looked outside a single time. I just had lots to talk about with Ana! I had just as good be in Budapest.

After a cold night (2 degrees outside) no cavity walls no insulation I woke up around 7 am Sunday. I had a reasonable sleep but occasionally woke up! Was looking for extra blankets! There was still a lot of noise in and around the apartment complex and on the street. Barking dogs, car horns, people calling. The rhythm here is very different than I am used to. This Sunday my agenda was empty. Just unpacking, explore the neighborhood, and do some groceries.

On sunday not every market is open. Fresh vegetables, milk etc. is a bit harder to find. The mini market at the corner has no extensive choice but enough to eat and drink. Monday I would find a larger market.

I live at the center of Athens, and my god what a fuss! What a sound, and exhaust gases. The struggle in Greece to get in a better economic environment reflects in the cityscape. Graffiti, garbage and homeless people.

However overcrowded by cars and people I saw something I consider as a cultural pearl. A few old men playin backgammon at the sidewalk at a table.