Waldorf and Statler friendships, people who come and people who go. People who disappear and people who always stay.

Inga has purchased a mobile after 3 weeks. She has forgotten her previous one somewhere along the way.

A German subscription arranged by her parents, a SIM card sent and she was ready for business. At least, we thought that booking, arranging a stay was the first priority. It was different, “I have my spotify again”. Now I can finally listen to music! My first reaction was “I use Naag! And it costs nothing!”

This post is about a growing friendship with a guy. That is something different than all my friendships with women over the years.

Naag is music, he produces music, writes music and plays music. His band Jonne and Wabanag . He has worked with a number of great musicians. A native American (Indian) from Canada and has set up camp here at Lagonissi.

When he sings, everyone is silent. When he talks, everyone listens. So interested in how he experiences life, how he looks at nature, the stars, the earth. I look at him and see a storyteller. I think of the book “last of the mohikans” and the film version of it. I also think of “Indian tales” and its negative meaning. Is that typically something western because we have mastered lying to perfection?

Naag a roommate for just one night. The next day, making a bed in the garden is his first priority. Leaves are swept away, the concrete is sprayed clean, mosquito nets are hung on the tree, some blankets are spread and his spot was ready for use. In the meantime (when writing this post) he moved to a balcony and now under an almond tree on the roof. I too now sleep half on a balcony. Indoors it is not possible to sleep.

Although we have different personalities, there is a click between us. A friendship developed and it has been a long time since I have enjoyed friendship with a guy. Klaas, Mark, Roberto, Asher. Men to whom I would still like to share a part of my life today. Naag has established himself in this list. I don’t see myself going fishing with him yet, but we believe in each other’s dreams, in giving space in each other’s actions. And perhaps that is what I recognize in a friendship. Sometimes in the past of my friendships I thought of sitting together at an age of 50 plus, at a bench at a harbor and contemplating life which is behind us. And with Naag I started that. Although our paths will separate again, we will find each other again. Time and freedom are entirely up to us both. Waldorf and Statler have become reality. Always something to complain about but looking back at a rich life. 1962 is a good men’s year. Together we drink wine or beer and we love blue cheese and can enjoy heaven. He believes in “the great spirit” but he realizes after searching “beer” in google maps that a place in heaven is reserved for him. We have been able to check the place.

We went to Athens together for 4 days. Together we worked on the website, testing all kinds of functions. Of course we also went out but no more than 2 nights more was not possible because I do not want to deviate from my biorhythm too often. In any case he took me to some other places in Athens than the ones I got to know myself. That gave me a somewhat different picture of Athens than what had. Not too crowded little streets with locals and good food.

He has mentally supported me with my first and only catwalk. (Perhaps forgotten as a reader, but I participated in a fashion show). Costa and Zach also came to watch the show. It was latent and I already knew it, I love the public. I wanted to write this post because it appears once again that when you make your steps forward (wander and wonder) meeting people an meeting life is imminent. A topic that was part of my “change” workshop