Time travel. It is as if I have ended up in a history lesson. It is not only school, it is also daily life here. moments that shock me, touch, sad or make me happy. Moments that you think can this still happen in today. Again and again between the past, the future and the present!

I made coloring pages. In preparation for this school week. these drawings have to do with care. Doctors, injection, hospital, ambulance, dentist. Back in time! Make color and worksheets by hand. But also good again, because my drawing talent and creativity is once again addressed. If I already had it!

On the back of the coloring sheet the lesson is written, in this case a letter of the alphabet that has to be written over and over several times. Then it is copied.

And when there are too few copies for the lesson, we switch back to school boards. I had forgotten about the West and it’s technology. But with the preparation of the color / worksheets, I thought about what’s available on the internet, printers, computers.

In Fiji is everybody is being hammered for results and for them to take knowledge. Starting from the kindergarten. However, I think that the teaching methods that are used do not contribute to achieving results.

In addition, the goals are also not realistic? Fortunately, I see that both teachers are open to change. And that they want to use the knowledge and or experience of, among others, Andrea. My awareness is that change is not self-evident, and the praise is for the teachers who want to develop.

Looking at my own role in the classroom, I occasionally throw in some humor, which is also adopted by the teachers. I enjoy 5 monkeys with pleasure. I also play games outside with a little bit of Rob’s sauce, which leads to hilarity. The mothers also find it all beautiful to see.

What is tiring in the classroom is the number of children, parents and seeing the customs of the teachers in their dealings with the children. Because children are children. Children also know the art of provoking. I try to set my own corrective behavior in such a way that it does not deviate too much from the behavior of the teachers. I know that my eyes can be very compelling, so I have to keep it a bit down. However seeing certain disciplinary measurements reminds me of my childhood which hurts.

Every day starts with religion. The main teacher has asked me if I wanted to do that. I have accepted this with both hands but not without preparation. So she wrote down all prayers and songs for me. There are so many moments that are worth mentioning. A mother offered me a house to stay there for a while. She found that volunteers can also use some privacy. Now all volunteers are in host families. She offered it to me for free!

When travelling the bus I see living rooms filled with the family sitting on the ground. A bowl with cava in the middle. Awesome. In every street there is at least 1 house where families sing together. In this case Christian songs, psalms just like we have at school.

It strikes me that there is beautiful singing here. It has something gospel-like. Fijian children and parents recognize you and greet you with bula. And my sulu is still doing well 🙂 The Indian families always greet with good morning. Cars that drive past with children swaying in the back.

A father that I met somewhere on the street and now knows that his daughter is in my class in the afternoon, offers me a lift to Waqadra (where I live).

Somewhere in the background I hear bula! Andrea calls me, and suddenly I drink Cava at the neighbors in the rain 🙂 while they are waiting at the lovo.

In the weekends I also spend my life in the city and at the beaches. An island cruise that Fiji is so famous for. But also to the tropical forest leaning at the mountains where a zip line park has been set. A nice walk and a beautiful waterfall. A female guide who (even me) with a hand, pulled me out of the water to stand behind the waterfall.

On returning from a one day cruise I forgot my bag somewhere. A Fijian helped me find the bus where I thought my bag was. Andrea called around, found voila bag again. I left it at the harbor.

But there are not only beautiful moments. Recently I was with a Fiji family, at the invitation of Joy, and when we sat in the garden I saw in the corner of my eyes that there was beating at the neighbors. With a belt, a cord or something like that. I got pretty out of balance. I was already being warned when I had my course. Although it is forbidden by law in Fiji, it still happens. I was hurled back to my own past and my own childhood. I went back home immediately.

I also talked with Mrs Singh about the upcoming elections here on Fiji! yes, a president will be elected. The military junta will cease to exist, and Fiji goes back to a democracy. I believe one of the last countries in the British Commonwealth to have a military regime.