I have enjoyed a long Easter weekend in Netherlands. Flying above Netherlands, I saw bright colors of the flower beds, the green of the trees and the blue of the water and terraced houses.

It is quite a relief to see all of this beauty and later also a literal one as it turned out to be. Rest, regularity and purity, from above it seems like a blanket lying over to Netherlands.

I realized that perception can only be done when there is a reference. In my case it is Athens. Despite the abundant sunlight from above the Acropolis, it is a cream-colored sort of quick sand kind of mass of apartments and homes that appears to be unordered. No roads visible to give you the feeling of being somekind of structure or organization. A scarce number of green spaces and the national garden. That has to be mentioned, the garden is a wonderful quiet almost oasis-like place te be.

A literal breath of fresh air is cycling together with José at the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Freshness, green, life and a spacious landscape! Netherlands at its best. Together we have some mileage being gobbled up. My smelling has been spoilt with wonderful flavors, so unlike the urine and petrol smells that accompany me during my daily walk to the camp in Athens.

You look good is a frequent comment (not by my brothers) I hear these few days. My belt can be set at the first hole. I eat healthy food. at regular times, and just enough. I don’t go to the fridge to see if there is a bite. I drink lots of water (I always have my Camel bag with me containing 2.5 litres) and I move around all day. It’s not an office job.However, this week end, I grab the opportunity get rid of the skin folds again. Not by training but by expansionism. To me that means delicious breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners, port wine, cheeses, red wines, white wines and beer.

All this at the most beautiful locations like with the “Hofmannen” at the goudsesingel, Rotterdam next to the road. It’s an A-location!

The words reality check are in my head since I started writing and now I will use them. At the end of this short stay, I realize that I have a left behind a life which I can not let g so easily. This is a revelation for me, since I have made plenty of new starts in my life where I quite easily could leave the old periods behind. Always thought that was my nature. The past decade full of life changing events, I found out that my circle may be greater than just my kids and I.

Saying goodbye today struck me quite heavy. Kids, family and dear friends, I have missed them and will miss them again. Especially of being with my children, family and just being the “father” I’ll always be I got filled with emotions. Perhaps in a different way but maybe Andrea and David also did:-)

Tuesday back in reality, Athens and camp Eleonas. It would be different start than expected.