On the eve of my Easter holidays, I look back. Reviewing the details of the past 3 weeks. By the rhythm of work what I have now, it seems the “give to” and “do for” the refugees is as a matter of course. It is a kind of automatism. The talks I have and the comments I get, it seems so… self-evident. Once at home after, I don’t even think about the day. I’m a little disappointed in myself. Me who wants to be as conscience as possible about experiencing.

I start to get the name as handyman. For chores in connection with camp maintenance. Containers, doors, locks, roofs. It’s all work what should have been done by the technical service. Unfortunately, they only act when social services or the migration service tells them to do so. They don’t think about maintenance themselves. It seems they never heard of the word maintenance. Leaks, broken doors, they don’t feel responsible.

What they do perfectly is drinking coffee, smoking and play backgammon.

Men’s discussion group progressing well. An average of four residents of the camp and four volunteers are participating. Last we had a session where we were looking for good memories in our youth. I imagined that I would hear stories about kiting or diving from bridges, but nothing could be further from the truth. It turns out it is not at all easy to remember good moments. I get the feeling that remember good times has to be considered a luxury. No not everyone had some good memories, sadly enough.

What was good is that everyone and also the residents shared their memories and thoughts, also the things that one would actually want to forget. I assume a sense of trust and security prevails. And that’s actually the first goal of this men’s discussion group.

I took Maria (previously met at victoria square project) to the building where I’ve worked at the rooftop garden project.

As written in extremes, Maria is looking for space. And guess what, networking does work 😉

Maria got to talk to Nicolas and made plenty of photos. The spaces involve possible free of rent, except electricity and water costs. But the “residents” should renovate the areas by themselves!

From a distance I looked at both of them and I saw a smile on Mary’s face, so excited about what she saw, the potential that the building was breathing and the possibilities for renting.

It looked like a done deal. The only thing I could add, was that I be interested in helping out with renovating the areas.

Afterwards we were asked by Maria if we would like to be models during a fashion show. Showing a collection of clothing which are recycled. And of course we are thrilled to do so. In June I am going to be a model:-)