Schools out

School is over, The children received a certificate on graduation day. What a spectacle. These two weeks have the children Math, English, history and geography. This short project is entirely provided by the volunteers of projects abroad. The martintar community and the martintar public school facilitate this. Children from the area but also from villages and islands take part in this summer school.

Looking back at these 2 weeks, I think about no preparation. Not knowing what is going to happen and what needs to be done. 40 volunteers ensuring that 5 classes with children are offered lessons. There is no organization, no plan nor structure.

There are only three persons who have knowledge of mathematics and her methods of teaching. Andrea is one of them. You should not ask me, I come from prehistoric times. Furthermore, a lot of screaming because there was no organization among themselves.

As a reader of this post I would realize that only few have any experience of standing in front of groups and is able to let the group do something. And knowing that, also think of 2 groups at the same time, namely the children and the volunteers in that class.

In the end a schoolprogram was made and everyone knew what to do. There was also room for music, dance and sport. I asked the children of group 7 to do something for us, something typical that belongs to Fiji. The children came with a meke. A dance that tells a story.

During the 2 weeks, a graduation presentation had to be worked on which had to be presented performed on graduation day. The students worked on the song we are the world. Everyone can sing and dance on Fiji. So that was not a problem in itself. But it had to be arranged somewhat. The result as far as I am concerned is absolutely perfect.

Developed in such a short time. On graduation day, also volunteers were asked to present something. We have tried to prepare heal the world in just 20 minutes. Also this challenge went wel if I may say so.

Thinking about the organization Projects abroad, about the lives of host families and volunteers. Three “parties” who try to make all of this possible. We have all received a shirt from Projects abroad.

In the past I have given my ICT knowledge to the clothing brand RE-5, which is completely dedicated to organic cotton and fair trade products. I think that an organization such as PA can also, in line with their ideals feel and have a social responsibility. So I suggested the use of organic cotton shirts with a fair trade certificate.

I wonder how well some volunteers are prepared, whether they have had a workshop or something. I had one in the Netherlands about how to deal with other cultures. And as a volunteer responsibility is indeed necessary. Volunteers automatically become an example from the moment they enter the classroom. Behavior must be appropriate in the environment. Just something that struck me.

How nice do I like to describe and share my experiences. I am not yet ready to say “I take my things and leave the Netherlands” But I do feel totally in touch with myself. I have the feeling that I am contributing something, being curious, open to learning moments, and young in heart and mind.

I am amazed by the eyes, the laughter, the discipline, inquisitiveness, motivation, cheerfulness, the pace of patience. Have the feeling that everyone here is working together in the interests of each other. It is beautiful!!