Mountains and greenery, forests, water, streams and of course the roads are as in a rollercoaster. The big amusement parks are considerably cheaper than where we are now, but it is well worth it.

Woody had a few challenges to overcome the some strong climbs in the mountains. There were moments that Woody didn’t go faster than 30 km/h. So we had the time to admire the environment we crossed. What was nice about this drive was that I did not feel any rush. There was little traffic, so nobody bothered about our driving style and speed.

I do not know how many words, names can be made in the English language, but I have seen a lot of different names for creeks. It seemed as if I were in a crocodile Dundee movie. Names like muddy creek, stump creek, duck creek the simplicity of these names, great!!!

Upon arrival in Franz Jozef, we stopped at the very first caravan park we passed. A bit crappy, but everything is available. It will probably not be a place that will be promoted in a guide or TripAdvisor. As a very great Dutch soccer player Johan Cruijff once said, “every disadvantage has its advantage”. In our case very cheap.

Andrea is in the back of woody as she takes the much needed rest. I was gone for some shopping and explore. A 6 pack, a salami sausage, piece of cheese, olives and bread. Diner will be pasta. As if we do not eat that every day haha.

We turned in early because the next day we had a big day for us. We are going to see the glacier, we are going skydiving. Wonder if I can enjoy the glacier, I’ll be probably closing my eyes during the jump.

In the early morning after my pee break at 6.00 am, I could no longer sleep. Thought of whether I should have leave my passwords and user id’s for David. What about the risks, what if.

Once out of bed and busy with the laundry, all the possible scenarios left my head, I found ease an felt relaxed. This must be great. Just fully rely on the instructor, equipment and let it happen. Oh I remember thinking that I need to keep my eyes open.

At 12000 ft. the door opens and the engine becomes stationary. Everything went all automatically, first Albert the Austrian, then Andrea and I at last. There was not a moment of fear! There was this slogan in my head, JUST DO IT.

We went out with some kind of a somersault, something the others did not have. Lee, my instructor stabilized the fall and I got a shoulder tap which means as much as put your arms in hooray mode.

The fall, the speed. I think I was talking out loud or singing more. Something like oh yeah here I go, I believe I can fly and all that kind of songs. I even believe that I used the f word. haha. It was a great freefall, but as I expected, not an eye for the environment! I was focused on the camera and the ground which got closer and closer. Absolutely focusing at 1 point. (I still have to learn to see beyond the path)

The parachute went open and there was another kind of silence. I looked around, and saw the surroundings. This could not last long enough. I got the steering lines in my hands and had to make a few turns to set the course.

With the pulling on a certain side, the speed increases. I already knew this from power kiting, but then you’re on the ground. Now you more or less fly. I can handle the most extreme attractions in a amusement park but a simple swing will not work. My stomach is running wild on a swing. Today with the chute open, I had the same feeling! It was a smooth, faultless landing, exactly as predicted. A high five with Lee (instructor) and a hug from Andrea and the job was done.

I will think for a long time about what this blow actually means for me. While enjoying some beers with Andrea and Albert, we talked for a long time.