the Tourist

Another day full of beautiful moments today. Departing from Tuban – Denpasar and away from the crowds. Get out of the visible battle of survival. Kadek was went with us. I wanted to see the mountains far away from tourism, not Ubud, where 90% of the tourists go to. Ubud does not appeal to me, we went around with a turn yesterday. We did drive through a bit.

Today the journey lead us to Bratan and the twin lakes and as our next stay Lovina. Along the way we had Kadek to talk to us about the things we saw, the customs, and of course his perspective on life. We talked about politics, the upcoming elections, tolerance, promises and future for all three. Enlighteningly amazing. For me it feels a bit like I’m talking to someone who prefers not to come in front of the camera.

Meanwhile, we naturally had an eye for the environment. It was really great and the road to Bratan, at 2096 meters altitude, looks worse and steeper than in Norway. In a cyclist pro tour A mountain stage “Bratan” would make mince of the legs of the cyclists. The Suzuki diesel from Kadek had to swallow regularly.

We stopped to look at a coffee plantation. Understanding that coffee Luwak is a very expensive Coffee. Cherrie are “eaten” by an animal named Luwak. However, the beans can not be digested and are pooped out. The feces with the beans are finally cleaned and burned. Also tea, cocoa and saffron grows here. Afterwards we tasted the various products.

The journey continues. A temple one of many. At that time a ceremony was in progress. Very impressive to witness. I got in a zen mode. Sitting somewhere in the shade, walking shoes off, sitting cross-legged with eyes closed. I felt completely safe and more one with myself.

After going over the top we went towards Lovina our next place to stay, we passed a small hidden waterfall. There was the surprise that somewhere halfway the trail to the waterfall, a mother and child were in a booth and collected the entrance fees. Somewhere far from the public road hidden in a forest along a narrow path. I continue to find these situations bizarre.

The waterfall was beautiful and very soothing despite the violence of the water. A nice moment was a spider bigger than my thumb.

A long day came to an end, on the way we ate and bought fruit. We also tried the doerian, but we did not like that. That fruit stinks. Kadek, has bought one for home. But was not allowed in his van.