Time flies when you’re having fun. I hardly have the time to make a recap of my experiences. My current daily schedule is as follows, I wake up at 6 am because I have a built-in pee alarm. Then I turn around in my bed till a quarter past 7. I check if I have mail and I play a number with nummi.That’s how I occasionally hear the news and what’s happening at home and in the world.

I jump out of bed at 7 take a shower get dressed in (sulu) and have a nice breakfast. Lunch is usually prepared by Mrs. Singh. Then brushing teeth, listerine and off to school.

2 pm, finished, going home or to nadi town having something to drink with a few colleagues. Around half past six at home, talking about the day, showering, dinner at 7 PM after dining, drinking tea, writing weblog, chat, play nummi and up to bed. That’s about it.

I am doing this with full dedication and energy! I enjoy every moment. Think about the next day, and enjoy the eyes and laughter of the children. We are also “recognized” by the neighborhood and have a chat here and there. Today somebody stopped and asked where we were going and whether he could drop us off!

I still get to hear how well my sulu suits me. I do not need an opening line anymore now. One sees my sulu and comments are made about it, which leads to conversations. And when I say this magic word volunteer and teach, I almost invited for a drink.

This week the summer school is also going better and more at ease. More structured. Andrea has more or less taken the lead in her class, and I did that with a different class.

Virtually everyone has a role. There is now actually some teaching. We added also singing, dancing and sport lessons.

I went to an island with a few other volunteers this weekend. The island is very small, has a low budget “resort” and has a dormitory with 40 beds downstairs and 40 upstairs.

A Typical tropical island with white beaches. It gives absolute peace of mind as if you are on a deserted island. I got to know Fijian a bit. I see in them the cousins ​​of the Maori in NZ. They dance and sing beautiful, show their traditions and their sense of time is something they can be proud of Fijian time !!

I have learned how to peel a coconut! Saw how the coconuts are harvested and what can be made with the leaves.

With the writing of this post, we are already halfway through the 2nd school week. today after school, went to Nadi town to see what we can do this weekend and then go to a resort to swim. I did not got any further than the harbor and had a drink with Joy. Most volunteers are in their twenties but than there is Joy! A wonderful person and of my generation. Finally I, or we could talk about 50+ things. She is a real Joy! Together we did some research on renting cars or vans so that we can explore the island with a few volunteers on our own. I would love to go into the mountains. A mountain ridge that can be seen from our house is called the sleeping giant. I want to experience that.

Tomorrow we go to the minas children’s home. We will work there with all volunteers. This is also called community day. I’m excited! It’s gonna be a busy weekend. I wonder if we have enough time.