Up North

Yes, it can also be less weather in New Zealand. Up till past week we were spoiled with nice weather, nice autumn weather that is. The last 3 days in Picton it is rain and more rain but Andrea and I manage pretty well.

I more or less left me being on the Southern Island. We wait until the boat arrives tot take us up north. This leads to a summary of the Southern Island, “A abundance of natural wealth”. If the question was, where Adam and Eve lived, it most definitely must be here.

I didn’t see the orchards, fruit, grapes and everything that grows through human hands, but the violence the wilderness in the mountains, the passes, the sea, the coast, small unexplored walking paths, palm leaves / branches that have been broken down by wind, strange birds, here and there relics of small animals. Images I do not normally see, I have seen!

I have not seen a Maori culture yet. We might be experiencing that on the Northern Island. I have spoken to local New Zealanders but the had their roots in Europe. A lay back feeling, yes I have seen it and I have felt it. A friendly face. When someone asks “how are you” don’t just reply with it’s ok or fine. They expect a more sincere answer. And I like that much better than “good morning, noon, evening”

And knowing myself, the best conversations and connections arise, before proceeding to ordering coffee, paying petrol, or buying something in a shop.

If I look at what will always stay with me, it will be the stay in Christchurch. In one way or another, someone else’s misery touches me more than a reasonably well-preserved beautiful nature.

We are leaving the island via the Marlborough sound. An island group, which we have not visited, but the view through the window to these islands is impressive. Not yet on the high seas. It is dreary weather and that too is part of nature. Occasionally I see dolphins swimming with us.