The northern island is shrouded in rain. So what to do. After searching for the campsite near Wellington we went to the Te Papa Tongarewa museum. The museum is quite large and has various themes and exhibitions. You need more than half a day. Chris a host was waiting outside the entrance.

We first talked about of course Amsterdam and how amazing it is. According to him it’s a whole new world out there.

At the museum we made a trip through time. From Pangea to the continents. We have een the tectonic plates, volcanoes and earthquakes that this country has experienced.

New Zealand is situated at two different tectonic plates. The plates shift against each other, sliding over. This explains the regular earthquakes.

I saw flora and fauna evolving. I however was very interested in the migration to these islands. From Abel Tasman to Cook till the migration of the large group of Europeans. How did people experience this, from leaving, traveling to settling down. How did these people merged with the local Maori population?

Today in many things, in cities, within people I notice that “being Maori,” is permeated in this country. There is a certain pride. When in Rotorua, we hope to experience that Maori culture a little. The days are getting short, mot only because of the rain but also the changing season. We usually crawl back into woody and read and write. Or just get in my sleeping bag and try to keep me warm.

The next day looking for dry weather, we went to Lake Taupo the largest lake in New Zealand. We took Sijmen who we met on the boat with us.

He was exploring New Zealand and most likely himself. It took some time to go to lake Taupo. There was a lot of wind, so now and then Woody had the tendency to go off-road.

It’s good Friday we are surprised with the sun. We planned a hike to the huka waterfalls but first I wanted to congratulated David and Yvonne both with their birthday. Oh about good Friday, no Matthaeus passion or Jesus Christ superstar this time.

Our hike sometimes up and then again down. Here and there slippery due to the rain last night. Plenty of opportunities for beautiful pictures. Once arrived at the waterfalls, it was very crowded and it turns out that you can get there by car as well.

When returning Andrea jumped into a warm spring. I did not go I did not have the right clothes. I envied her being in the hot water spring. She got talking to a Dutch who migrated to NZ. Satisfied and happy that we have been able to walk again and see NZ, we chilled at the picnic table at the campsite and enjoyed the last rays of the sun.

In the evening Andrea went to the village by car (woody) to have a drink. I stayed in the TV and internet room on the campsite. I took the time to write my experiences and in the meantime watch Rugby. It seems like Every day there is a game on the TV.

Hope she is back in time, so that I can crawl back into my sleeping bag!