Breakfast in Bali

Breakfast is served, rice with egg banana krupuk and sambal. I think it’s okay, it’s not what I normally have for breakfast, but then again, when you know me well enough, you know I eat anything anywhere at anytime haha.

It’s raining here in Bali and it’s pretty warm and the first thing I realize is that whatever you say or ask, it’s always yes, please or okay. So I was not always sure they understood what I was asking. And my Indonesian is even worst than their English.

After a long, long flight we arrived in Denpasar. Jose went with us to airport Schiphol / Amsterdam. After coffee with pastries for me and a fresh juice for both ladies and the hugs back and forth, Andrea and I went to check in and went looking for the right gate. Bye José, see you in 4 months.

We flew with garuda Indonesia at 1:00 pm via Abu Dhabi, Jakarta to arrive at Denpasar the next day, March 19th at 17:30. Also going through 8 time zones. So I am asking you if you know how long our journey took.

The travelling was comfortable, we had considerable space, the flights were not fully booked. We were able to lie down and sleep on the middle row of chairs. Also enough hot meals on board so nothing to complain about that.

Eventually arrived in Bali, searched for the place where we booked the first 3 nights. A small hotel close to the airport. The hotel is really hidden somewhere in narrow streets. We were confronted with the crowd and life on the streets here. I thought this was a great moment to experience. There are no signs of the bounty island feeling no enchanting sight which everyone speaks about when talking about Bali.

We met a guy named Wayan at the hotel and we agreed on having him to be our guide for the next 3 days.

For the mere amount of 24 euros, we have booked him for 3 x 8 hours, Hopefully to find the bounty feeling here at Bali. Today, Thursday, March 20, Andrea and I will first go through lonely planet!