Finding Nemo

We all know the clown fish Nemo and I went to meet him. Although the biggest chance to meet him would be somewhere under water I did not came across him. However I did met a lot of his colorful friends.

Jeeee I went snorkeling for a day. I felt that I am being looked at by all those fish. What do I do in their habitat?

Our surface consists of 70% water, and I now realize that I absolutely do not know what is going on beneath that surface. I already do not know what is happening on land, but I am now experiencing my shortcomings of my knowledge about this planet.

The color that you can find under the water surface is overwhelming. Yes, I am a fan of Jacques Cousteau and I enjoyed looking at his discoveries, but how real is it if you can experience it yourself.

The question remains whether I still have enough time to discover this world in al her beauty. Suddenly it is more than just people. I just have to make time.

After this great revelation, I discovered that I’ve gotten pretty colored as well. Easily fit in the underwater colorful world. I normally never apply sunburn but now I should have.

The next morning at 6 o’clock in the morning the Bali sea in a small boat, watching dolphins. What a spectacle and I do not mean the dolphins but all those tourists on small boats that hurry from place marked with x to place marked with y. What a ridiculous sight is that and I am part of it. Trying to spot dolphins. Here too I realize that the marine life might just be laughing at us. Did we spot dolphins? yes and ultimately up close. Have the dolphins spotted all those tourists? Yes they did.

Today it is resting day and recovering from the burnt skin. That gives me the time to reflect on the conversations I had with travelers. I met Richard from Sweden and we had some sort of click there. What I remember is him saying “Everyone you meet gives a piece of their life, Everyone you meet gets a piece of yours”

I have made this journey very consciously, and everyone does as well that I come across. The people I meet and I are learning to be part of, and experience cultures. It is not putting pictures in a scrapbook saying “I was here”.