Smoking trees

The expression of the day is “smoking trees” meaning smoking a joint. Finally I understand the story of Jules Verne, around the world in 80 days! How often do you have the chance to do a day again but different. As if the time has been stopped for 24 hours. Arrive at the same time as when you leave. A tiring and long journey behind us. From a warm winter day in Fiji, 28 degrees to a summer day in San Francisco, 21 degrees. Sore throat, headache and tired.

America has received my data, fingerprints, photos of course everything I do with blogger, Gmail etc. etc. Also had nothing to declare, but the beep went when I went through the gate. I had to take my shoes of for a dirt sample. It turned out to be good!

I was in !!! Eh .. in Los Angeles. I had enough time to catch the connecting flight to San Francisco. A cappuccino and ate a veggie sandwich. I saw the soccer match between USA and Portugal. The flight to SF was quick and comfortable. Once on SF we were in no time at the taxistand with our luggage! And finally at 19:30 on the couch with Julie and Roger!

That same day, at the same time, 8800 kilometers back or further, Andrea and I were all packed, and had a great lunch with our hosts. Melanie came by to say goodbye and see us off. We went to Bulaccino for coffee and a brownie. Back at our hosts we have had a last meal together and when the taxi came the big hugs. A few tears and sadness in my hart and the Singh family.

Later we heard from Mrs. Singh via text that Mr. Singh was pretty quiet. I am surely going to mis them! Buna came to see us off at the airport, and we were gone.

When I look at the map of SF, it does not look that big. It actually has something cozy. From the coast to SF Bay 13 km. A great walking distance but I have to overcome some hills.

After a slow start of the new day we discovered the Golden Gate park and walked to the beach at the pacific. The park is large, with lots of red woods, beautiful flower beds, water features and we even spotted a few remaining bison! As the attraction of the day we passed a park named after the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina and a Dutch windmill!

After a short stay at the beach looking over the pacific we went back, in the direction of Ashbury haight. We found the remains of the hippie era . If I was asked to describe my impression it would be a place for the elderly, who, like me, forgot to go to the hairdresser. Only they have not been there for 30 years. It feels a bit like going to a concert.